Breathe new life to your home and choose the perfect furniture for your space. You deserve a place of zen and comfort that speaks to your unique taste and personality. There are endless options to mix and match your styles to create your dream home. Here are the top 7 furniture must-haves from our resident designers and home stagers highly recommend.

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Round Dining Tables

For smaller apartments and spaces, opting for a smaller round table can help sit a crowd and not feel cramped. This table can also be a worktable when not used for eating. Every inch is special so maximizing it is essential.

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Abstract Mirror

Taking that cute selfie is easier with quirky and fun mirror shapes. Since Y2K themed items are the new must-haves, people are designing their odd-shaped mirrors with paint, stickers, flowers, anything!

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Day Bed

Most people underestimate the practicality of a day bed. It is perfect for your guest room and or your child’s room. It’s a sofa by day and turns into a bed at night. Beautifully maximizes space and use.

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Rugs create that balance between empty spaces on the floor and on your walls. It connects all items in one view. People can go bold with their design of choice or go simple and plain. Your choice!

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Wall Shelves

Anything off the floor is an easy alternative to helping look your space pleasing and cohesive. Additional storage options and decorations won’t hurt anyone. Our shelves are renter-friendly too.

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Artificial (or real) plants

Put a pop of green in your room to help you relax and feel more comfortable. It has been said that having plants indoors can help clean the air and help make its carers feel a sense of purpose. Go for artificial plants if you feel like you cannot commit to a live one

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Accent Chair

Accent chairs from its name can act as supplement furniture to tie up your aesthetic. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for sitting! You can of course choose a chair that’s not just aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable and trendy.